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Laser Alignment Specialist

LSR can Laser Align any equipment, just about anywhere, that needs critical alignment, quickly and with accuracy to within one thousandth of an inch. LSR has years of experience with head rigs, edgers, trim saws, re saws, shafts, transfer cases and veneer lathes. LSR works in saw,paper,steel mills. Hydro dams,drawbridges, ships,aircraft. Semi truck,trailer, motor coach.Our personnel at Laser Systems & Repair have more actual experience than any other company in the laser alignment industry. LSR designs custom maintenance programs for all industries. LSR will supply professional Consultants for any project. Laser Systems also offers training to companies that own our systems. Most parts and repairs can still be made to our systems at our repair facility. LSR will purchase back any system that customers are not using, so we can upgrade and pass on to new customers. Please call or email for details.

Experience Makes a Difference

Laser Systems and Repair prides itself in doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Our primary goal is to improve performance and longevity by proper alignment of your operating equipment. Proper alignment saves the customer money. All work is backed with a money back guarantee.

Please contact us for rates and to schedule Alignment Work,Custom Maintenance Programs,Training and Consulting.


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